GreenDot.Press' name is based on the NFL’s use of green dots on the field of play. In an NFL game, there is one offensive and one defensive player on the field who can hear what play the coach is calling through a radio in his helmet. The other players know his role by the green dot placed on the back of his helmet.

In 2021 Nick Nicholaou founded GreenDot.Press as a book publisher whose goal is to help Christ-followers sense God’s play calls in their lives.

Nicholaou PR

Nick Nicholaou

In 2021 Nick Nicholaou founded GreenDot.Press, a book publisher whose goal is to help Christ-followers sense God’s direction in their lives.

That was after 35 years of serving Christian churches and ministries identify, set, and deploy IT strategies through MBS.

Before MBS he was an auto manufacturer executive. It was while in the auto industry that he and his wife, Grace, sensed God's call to found MBS in 1986. Nick sold MBS in 2021.

Nick has been honored by:

  • The Church Network, as a Hall of Fame inductee.
  • Christian Leadership Alliance, for his role in assisting ministries nationwide.
  • Christian Leadership Alliance, with their Distinguished Service Award for excellence in serving ministries.

Nick has been published in print many hundreds of times in books, in journals, and on websites, including

  • The Church Leader’s Answer Book
  • Church and Nonprofit Organization Tax & Financial Guide (1999 - 2007 editions)
  • Saving Money And Buying Smart
  • Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology, Volume 3

Nick has served thousands of Christian churches and ministries nationally, and he speaks often at national and regional conferences. He has been interviewed on syndicated radio and podcasts, is a Church Law & Tax advisory board member, and was an ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) Standards Committee member.

Like all things work-related, there are risks associated with working remotely.

Leaders, Managers, and Staff!

In this book you’ll learn about the legal, HR, finance, and technology risks, and practical ways to help overcome them!

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